EECE3326_Jan23_2014 - Operator overloading w/ global functions, class member functions, overloading rules, dynamic memory allocation

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Electrical and Comp Engineering
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EECE 2560
Waleed Meleis

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Introduction to C++ 1/23 Operator overloading with global functions bool operator == (const time24 &lhs, const time24 &rhs) { return lhs.hour == rhs.hour && lhs.minute == rhs.minute; // this is a good example of something we CAN do } //Assignment operators, e.g. t1 = t2; if not overloaded, default memberwise assignment is performed. // but we CANNOT overload the assignment operator with a global function //Consider assignment of ints //1 = x ; the left-hand operand must be an object. So this would compile if overloading with global functions were allowed. // Instead, we must overload the assignment operator with a class member function. Operator overloading with class member functions lhs op rhs; // returnType lhsClassName :: operator op ( type rhs ) bool time24:: operator == (const time24 &rhs) { return ( hour == rhs.hour) && (minute == rhs.minute); // we’re in the 24class, i.e. self or this, so we can access hour and minute } time24 &time24 :: operator = (const time24 &rhs) { hour = rhs.hour; minute = rhs.minute; return *this // this is a pointer to the call
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