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Lecture 4

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HIST 1271
Christopher Gilbert

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HIST1271Ancient Rome Units 46 Roman Mediterranean Rome and the East NotesConquest of Italy thth Surrounding Latins 54 century BCEEtruscan city of Veii 396 BCESamnite Wars 343290 BCELatin Rights after 493 BCECan marry RomansCan move to RomeCan conduct business in RomeDeditio In FidemSurrender into the good faith of RomeBilateral treaty essentially submitting to Rome wishes in the futureeither due to Roman conquest or as an appeal to help from Rome against powerful neighborsAllowed Rome to create a broad network of expanding obedient clientstatesSamnitesFederation of towns that largely spoke Oscan not LatinPowerful resistors of Roman ruleInhabited the Apennine mountains in southcentral Italy rd Series of wars beginning in 343 BCE and ending in the 3 Samnite War in 290 BCE
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