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Lecture 7

Units 7-9_The Emergence of Caesar.pdf

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Northeastern University
HIST 1271
Christopher Gilbert

HIST1271Ancient Rome Units 79 Resistances Social Network of Great Men NotesRome Italy and Cultural IdentityRecall PaestumGreeks had become barbarized by becoming RomanRecall Tarentumembassy addressed Tarentines in Greek and were mocked for speech and attireCulture does not go away just because Rime conquered themSocial War9188 BCEStresses in the Italian ally system demographic pressures troop levies and incessant warfare increasing amounts of Italians emigrating to Rome cultural economic reasons Roman arrogance entitlementSociialliesSparked by assassination of Tribune Livius Drusus for championing the work of G GracchusItalian allies of Rome revolt Latin allies side with RomeItalians elect two consuls of their own one Marsic one SamniteRebelling against Roman excessForm a capital ItalicaRomes refusal to enfranchise Italian allies Initial Roman setbacks 90 BCE saw many Italian successes consul killed in 89 BCEBy 88 BCE Rome prevails
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