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International Affairs
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INTL 1101
Ioannis Livanis

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INTL1101GlobalizationInternational Affairs Unit 2 Intergovernmental and NonGovernmental Organizations Notes IGOs Intergovernmental Organizations have members who are states ie the United NationsNGOs NonGovernmental Organizations have members who are individuals ex Greenpeace World Wildlife Fund Red Cross etcA change in whether or not people trust IGOs to work and address issues in their best interests trust the state less than NGOsNGOs tend to be more successful in achieving individual interestsUN all kinds of private organizations tat are independent from government controlNGOsThe internet caused a huge surge of NGO membership due to ease of information circulationMoral types of NGOs come to mind first Wide variety of NGO typesInternationalBusinessReligiousEnvironmentalGovernmentoperated speaks for minorities mostly who cant organize on their ownNGO PrinciplesUniversalismIndividualismRational voluntaristic authority ie selfauthorizationProgressWorld citizenship
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