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Northeastern University
International Affairs
INTL 1101
Ioannis Livanis

INTL1101GlobalizationInternational Affairs Unit 5 Gender and Globalization NotesFeminist CritiqueScientific revolutionScience and reasoning are inherently male traitsto be promotedEmotion and rationality are inherently female traitsto be discourageddisregardedAnarchy war power selfinterest masculine conceptualization of the role of the stateAlternative formulations social equality dismissed due to their feminine qualityStudy of international affairs draws heavily on male experiences Due to the fact that we have attached these traits to reality theories tend to reinforce a specific genderRealismmaleLiberalismfemaleHow you view the world reinforces these inequalities Do men and women see war security and military force in different waysWomen expected to protect and maintain relationships a product of their social rolesMen focus on end gains women on diplomacyNo significant differencesDifferences exist women more capable in interpersonal relationshipsGender meaning a social constructionSociety influences how you are supposed toexpected to act feel choose etc
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