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Northeastern University
International Affairs
INTL 1101
Ioannis Livanis

INTL1101GlobalizationInternational Affairs Unit 8 Overpopulation and Global Food Policy NotesPopulation GrowthAnnual average population growth rate North America 122 max in 196412 currently worldwidePopulationreducing effects war famine diseaseAgriculture estimated 05 million without it255 billion people in 1950s 717 billion people nowGrowing disproportionatelyNorthsouth differenceNorth decreasing birth rates coinciding with increasing life expectanciesaging populationSouth high birth rates and low death rates with minimal modernizationAlmost all growth will take place in the less developed regionsPopulation in 51countries expected to be lower in 2050 than in 2005During 20052050 the net number of international migrants to more developed regions is projected to be 98 millionPopulation growth in these regions will largely be due to international migrants mostly to EuropeMedical advancementsFertility rates810 billion by 20402050Demographic TransitionIf standard of living and life expectancy increase family sizes and birth rates decline
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