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Lecture 3

MUSC 1101 Lecture 3: music notes

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MUSC 1101

Pierre Bourdieu spotlight effect Stravinsky rite of spring One context uncomfortable but with aa suitable context pleasant Taste in endless choice o Music through shared or unshared music taste shapes o Pandorathe music genome projectpeople analyze all their music Preferences lie in the sound of the music Pandoraanalyze songs for similarity Anticipate taste Spotify more all songs, less taste Echo nest How it sounds and how we talk about it Analyzation key Single listener is many listeners Business model o Ads? o Pitchfork media Want subscribersdeliver any song whenever will want to pay Repetition Some level of complexity contributes to like Personal taste and public performanceintersection Presidential inaugurationmusic selection displays what kind of person you are going to be o Fanfare for the common man o Songs chosen demonstrate ideas trying to portray o Like Obama against warblack eyed peas song o One lovebob Marley o Will. I. Am. changed some lyrics to make more appropriate o Singing more than rappinglittle bit more slower o Musical expression of antiwar and antihate o Going along with way things are Artist deny because dont like the meaning and undertone of what where or who playing for describes and is for People influenced by music Can correlate to views Country for bush o Dixie ostracized because of view Its divisive Commercialization of music
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