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Lecture 18

MUSC 1101 Lecture 18: Earcon

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MUSC 1101

Earcon o In user interfaces, a brief nonverbal audio message that provides information (physical and emotional) to the user about the computers purpose Command line user interface o No graphics of sounds Graphical user interface o Also an auditory user interface 3 types of earcons o realisticimitate real world sounds taking picture on iphone o symbolicarbitraryno connection between the sounds hear and the action being performed siri on and off o metaphoricalsuggestive of the actiontext message sent apple startup sound Jim Reekes o original a tritone (but actually a fifth)intervals, then a quack o experience by using this device o shift in sound when shift in experience in design o thinking about the whole human experience windows 95 startup o brian eno, 1995 o song writer, composer o 3.25 seconds sound in user experience design some stats (around 2010)nokia o sounds20,000 times per second around the world o about 41 of worlds population recognizes it Francisco ferrera o Guitar sounds Hook o An especially attention grabbing and memorable musical idea, considered essential to hit song writing; the part of a song you easily remember and instantly recognize (often, though not always, the chorus) Anatomy of a hook o Rhythm, meoldy, harmony, lyricstraditionally controlled by songwritercomposer o Instrumentation, tempo, dynamicstraditionally controlled by performers o Studio effects, mix, panningtraditionally production elements controlled by music producer
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