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Lecture 15

MUSC 1101 Lecture 15: Choosing the event to compose music for in my life was a difficult decision

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MUSC 1101

Choosing the event to compose music for in my life was a difficult decision. After brainstorming, I came up with an often frustrating event. It is often hard to know when your battery is fully charged, or close to dying, due to the lack of sound associated with this event. This event is frustrating to me because of my inability to remember this simple daily task. This moment can impact the immediate future due to the fact that my Mac is my lifeline at college. Forgetting that it is almost dead before I attend class is one of my most common mistakes. As well as forgetting to unplug the charger when it is fully charged, which is detrimental to my battery life in the future. So, I experimented with multiple aspects of musical elements and created three musical earcons for this moment of my choosing. I should also clarify that each sound contains two differing portions: one when my computer is nearing death and one when it reaches full charge. This moment provides excellent contrast which allowed me to experiment with a wide array of musical elements including rhythm, pitch, and melodies. This musicalized moment was both hard and rewarding to develop. There were many musical and creative decisions that I had to make to finalize this musicalized moment. Although I am not well educated in music and its disciplines, I researched moods developed through certain tones and pitches, melodies, repetition and familiarity. Familiarity is shown in musical creation number two, where clips of my favorite childhood video game were taken and edited. The video game is Gauntlet, and the song has both upbeat and deep, creepy melodies that can be quite catchy. For the batterys dying sound, I chose a dissonant, repetitive part of the song that makes you feel like you want to just plug in the charger so that the sound will stop. This promotes remembering to plug in the charger once the battery is almost drained. Thus, it brings about negative feelings towards your laptop dying. This also holds true for my dissonant sound in my first musical creation where I mixed sounds from different instruments together to form one big dissonant instrumentation piece. They feel connected in some sense, but also feel disconnected in that fact that they hurt your ears how they dont fully fit together. I also made this clip longer to see the effect that it has on people. The longer the exposure the more dislike is found among the listener. The music in this clip also has a deeper and melancholy tone. Going back to my second musical creation, the more positive portion has the inclusion of the catchiest part of the song. Its very repetitive, thus why I chose to narrow it down a bit, but it brings about a more upbeat vibe, while still having a familiar catchy tune to sing along with. The pitch is still eerie though, to remind you that although your laptop is fully charged, you still must unplug it to avoid overcharging. The first musical creations counterpart required a lot of trial and error in making various instruments and sounds fit together. I ended up with four distinct sounds with similar pitches and melodies, including a background beat, to show upbeat, positive sounds for the charged aspect of my moment. I also adjusted the volume and fading techniques. Through this, I learned that it was not a good idea to have a fading sound due to the misconception that this signals an end, meaning one does not have to complete an action to have the sound end. For the third musical creation, I experimented with ascending and descending clips of sounds. I figured that the descending sound would fit with the battery dying more than the opposite, and I was correct in that it did fit more. This is due to the association of the battery going down, and the scale going down. When the sound was
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