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Lecture 11

MUSC 1101 Lecture 11: Musique Concrete

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MUSC 1101

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Musique Concrete o Music usually of an abstract nature o Term coined by French composer Pierre Schaeffer 1948 o New approach to composition of music Based on prerecorded music Experiment with sounds because work in a radio studio o Led to creative opportunities Begins with preexisting sound elementscan be music or noise o Experimentally manipulated o Montage created o Final composition is a result of these experiments Montage o Editing techniques very well developed in film, and now used for music o Different films in different places and times put together o Sound an music used to make a sense of continuity o 1903 first flight o flowing naturally effect Pierre Schaeffer o etude on the railroad o entirely of sounds recorded at a railroad station using sounds to tell story 5 basic tape manipulation techniques o loopingsame sound over and over again o cutting and splicingtake sounds and reorder them o changing direction o changing speed o adding external effects (delay, reverberation) sharp attack gently decay backwards sound still sound like music but dont necessarily sound like the object coming from anymorelike the railroad BBC radiophonic workshopwhere most musical experimentation took place o Key place for developing this music and used for media Delia DerbyshireBBCshe did work here o Early pioneer of music concrete o Used found sounds to make music o Every note separate piece of tape o Higher soundsspeed up tape o Lower soundslow down tape o Manipulate once have recorded o No synthesizers in her timecombine multiple tapes and tape players Multitrack recording John Cage o Wanted sounds to change him o Sounds and noises or everyday life are used
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