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Lecture 28

MUSC 1101 Lecture 28: My experiences and takeaways from music have only increased due to involvement in this class

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My experiences and takeaways from music have only increased due to involvement in this class. My musical experiences have shopped how I view and listen to music and I have gained a new appreciation for certain types of music and the history behind them. My first interaction with music in a different way was through field journals. I had never noticed my motives for listening to certain songs until I learned about this being an actual phenomenon. I was amazed to find out that some music was part of my playlist merely due to it being background music that was not processed in my brain. I now can see that music and analyze it (certain classical pieces) and understand its other purpose besides its use as my background music. I know listen to classical music with a new mindset; going into it I listen for certain notes or drastic changes, or even just seeing if it is a feathered beginning or a clean cut one. Knowing how the music works and its true purpose has helped me in my own life to make my own music. Through the music in everyday life piece that we had to make I found how things unbeknownst to me can become musicalized, and how listening through an audio recording app can actually help me recognize sounds I have never heard before. Sometimes I would literally just have my headphones in listening for a particular sound to record and it was not a dreadful task. I now listen to my surroundings with a new sense of what can become music and how one can make every day sounds into a piece worth listening to. It gives you a new appreciation for your surroundings as well. Another experience was the underlying motives of certain songs and how some can actually have a different meaning that what it is deemed to be. Such as Born in the USA, which, without looking at the lyrics at first, I also thought was a very anthemic song. For example, I delved into some songs such as Ariana Grandes Dangerous Woman. You would think this is a pro woman song with a feminist motive, like oh shes dangerous and dont mess with her, but in reality its literally about how a man makes her feel, not about how she feels about herself. Also for Selena Gomezs songs, she seems very pro feminist in life, but her songs are very male dependent, and looks are deemed important to men, so it was weird to see that contrast. My musical experiences in this class are just more stepping stones in my overall life. These experiences shaped my life just as my older ones did, just in different ways. Instead of learning how to play music and just listening to music for pleasure, I now can analyze music and make my own music from, for say, scratch from everyday sounds. Although I am not a music major, I enjoyed this class and all that it has offered to me. I thought it would not be relevant to me, but in actuality, it is.
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