MUSC 3541 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Tempo, Bild

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24 Nov 2016
Music Analysis Seminar
Lecture 1
Schencker ignores the little details and analyzes every piece into just 3 chords, or so. Ignores
text and passing tones and little notes. Focuses on BIG PICTURE.
Rounded Binary - A B A with lots of repeated sections.
Ex: Schubert’s moments musical allegretto pg 16
Parallel Period = 2 symmetrical phrases that start the same but end differently.
Ex: 1st time = V cadence, 2nd time = PAC (Perfect Authentic Cadence)
Questions to Ask:
How does the music fit in with the text?
The flow of the wording of the text - how does it fit into a singable rhythmic melody?
How to depict one’s analysis of the text in musical form?
What chords really demonstrate what this text is trying to capture?
Hyper Meter = larger metrical organization where you can see a large number of measures
compacted into smaller sections.
Ex: Ihr Bild - Lewin essay
For Group Project #1:
Pick a song = english, score, etc
Bring score and recordings to class
Make analytical observations
find more resources at
find more resources at
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