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Lecture 27

PHIL 1180 Lecture Notes - Lecture 27: Adaptive Capacity, Nimby, Thought ExperimentPremium

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PHIL 1180
Ronald Sandler

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27 Pond and Envelope and Environmental Justice
Myron Ebell lead EPA transition
he is a climate skeptic
pressure the states to make environmental justice part of the goals in
environmental regulation in the states
state level — laws implemented at the state level could lead to federal laws
longest/heaviest earthworm found in the UK
killed for science
16 inches
Poverty, agriculture, population,
in some way we have to address this confluence of issues
the problem is a trying to get everyone to live an equal quality life while maintaining
the environment
lifeboat ethics — if you just continue to help people you will just end up with more
people and exhaust your own resource base
you ought not directly help low income
proved false
you can reduce fertility rates by providing better opportunities
helping people is compassionate — good for the environment.
historical and contemporary justice issues — in the past historical
exploitation or used them to make the country auent you should help them
moral luck — no one deserves the circumstances you are born into
How much would it take? how much do we give already?
depends on how you pin the global poverty line
conservative — $400 billion
US and other don’t give anything close to that
if everyone in top 1% give 5500 we can close the global poverty line
is it an obligation to give assistance??
Pond and envelope thought experiment
challenged the idea that we are not obligated
formal argument
1. people are seriously suering
2. you are in position to assist with little cost to yourself
3. if you can alleviate suering with little cost to yourself, you have a
responsibility to do so
4. therefore, you have a responsibility to do so
eective altruism — you ought to do thea action with the best outcomes
Environmental Justice
the allocation of environmental benefits and burdens through a society
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