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Lecture 31

PHIL 1180 Lecture Notes - Lecture 31: Slow Food, Distinctive Feature, Luxury VehiclePremium

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PHIL 1180
Ronald Sandler

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Lecture 31 — Focal Practice and Climate Change
News and Events:
EU to inc research funding
$2.5 billion Euro
compared to research budget in corporations are way higher
but good first step
Sea ice are at record lows
rapid ice gain is not going to happen
bad news for polar bears
polar bear researchers are concerned about this.
Bees learn in their sleep
we see these things in us, can we infer these things in animals?
if it comes from common ancestor it seems likely but maybe not
allocation of burdens and benefits in society
Environmental Justice is not just distributing
you need to address the causes and unequal distribution
you need to reduce the amount of hazard going into the system
every step has ecological impacts
to address the impacts you have to address consumption in some way.
Eco impacts are harmful to the environment and to people.
both auent and poor people.
We ought to adopt a principle that guides our behavior
principle of anticipatory cooperations
it is synergistic — all values justify
address consumption in the direction of the ideal, but not so much that it impairs
rather than promotes your flourishing.
you should consume less, but its not required to consume as little as possible.
need a principle to improve peoples lives.
too large an extreme, other people will think you are weird.
change your behavior in a way that other people are going to change their lifestyle in the
same way.
Heroic Sacrifice is not the answer.
Focal Practice
things in our lives that around which we generate meaning.
Fast food — displaces eating and making food replaced — lose the focal practice
that experience no longer exists
“slow food movement” — trying to bring focal practice back to food
consumption displaces the focal practices — all you’re left with is empty consumption of
the goods.
people don’t feel any better after buying the goods.
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