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Lecture 33

PHIL 1180 Lecture Notes - Lecture 33: Collective Action, Perfect StormPremium

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PHIL 1180
Ronald Sandler

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Lecture 33 — Non-Identity Problem
Paper 5:
Selecting topic
directly related to course
must be philosophical claim
not predictive, prescriptive, or explanatory claim
- talk to him about the claim before you write
value, normative, or theoretical issue and must be contested.
Ethical Dimensions of Climate Change
all issues are compromised by GCC
a lot of social issues are related to GCC
Perfect storm Idea
longitudinal collective action problem
need a lot of people over time
hard when there is no gov’t authorities
countries all have dierent interests
developing countries vs developed countries
Future Generations
to what extent should we take into account the interest of the future generations in
our decisions
discount issue
count the future less than the present.
inflation (inc quality of life in ethics)
if they are better o in the future, it makes no sense to do stu for the
future now.
Swamping problem
there is so many more of them that we have to take into account
Unknown needs problem
how do we even know what they are going to need in the future given
the rate of technological change.
technology changes faster and faster over time — it is hard for us to
predict what people need in 50-100 years.
non-identity problem
Non identity problem — conceptual problem
future people do not exist
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