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Lecture 25

PHIL 1180 Lecture 25: 15933 Ronald Sandler 11.21.16

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PHIL 1180
Ronald Sandler

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News: 1. Scientific research in the UK as announced by the new prime minister a. 2 billion euros 2. Honeybees sleep 5-7 hours a day a. They learn when they sleep b. They might dream 3. Aldi (grocery store) is going to ban 8 pesticides by 2017 a. German retailer 4. Sarah Palin – possible new head of department of the interior a. Responsible for public land and several environmental policies 5. Open space tax in California a. Protects land from urban sprawl Materialism: 1. Principle of anticipatory cooperation a. Move in direction of the ideal but not so much: a.i. Quality of life goes down (impairs your flourishing) a.ii. Alienate others and doesn’t allow others to move along with you b. Heroic sacrifice that isn’t going to succeed is not good if no one else does it c. Virtue-based ethic c.i. Materialistic attitude is what’s problematic c.ii. One solution is to follow PAC 2. Synergistic environmental values (Wenz) 3. Focal practice a. E.g. running/training gives meaning to life b. Fast food vs slow food b.i. People don’t eat meals together anymore c. Consumption displaces the focal practices d
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