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Lecture 35

PHIL 1180 Lecture Notes - Lecture 35: Energy Transfer Partners, Virtue Ethics, Device ParadigmPremium

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PHIL 1180
Ronald Sandler

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Lecture 35 — The Anthropocene
News and Events:
UCSC researchers — rise in mosquito population
due to urbanization and no more use of DDT
habitat destruction increases mosquito population
Energy Transfer Partners are still going through with the pipeline and ignore the federal agencies
they are going to build it anyway without rerouting it
they are willing to pay the fine to do it
how much will it cost?
the corporation is liable, not the people in the corporation
kind of like protection for the people.
Wind turbine syndrome
has psychological eects on people — causes depression
Ethics of mitigation (mitigation is ethically preferable to adaptation and compensation)
Evaluating mitigation
you have to think about what has to occur in the world for that to be
just bc it is a way to mitigate doesn't mean it is good.
nuclear — when you triple nuclear you triple nuclear waste
biofuels — what are the ecological costs? clearing space, displacing food.
win-win strategies are more cultural strategies than technological strategies
behavioral can also be bad
registry of everyone so they can only travel leisurely 2 times a year.
win-win strategies can be technological too
how do they impact peoples choices and autonomy?
are they short term or long term?
The “Anthropocene"
2 things
a term
human + age
Informal use — has become enormously popular.
used to refer to high levels of human impacts on the environment that are
pervasive and long lasting.
short hand for referring to large scale human impacts on the environment.
Formal use — Scientific term. Being explored by geological scientist.
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