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PHYS 1121

Star Formation  Formed from the collapse of interstellar cloud consisted of Hydrogen & Helium  If the mass is not big enough (not enough atoms) it will remain hydrostatic equilibrium  Hydrostatic equilibrium:- gravitational force pushing inward and the heat(Kinetic Energy) pushing outward  Few atoms --> heat prevails over gravity and cloud will disperse  # of atoms increases, cloud undergoes a gravitational collapse  As matter collapse, heat increases, and triggers hydrogen fusion (Proton-Proton chain reaction) = star Medium Sized Stars  When all the Hydrogen from the core is burned, the collapse continues  Hydrogen of the outer shell starts to fuse(shell burning)  Increases size and luminosity = red giant  He consumed rapidly and luminosity increases until the fusion ends  Core shrinks but outer shells are ejected = Planetary Nebulae  All that is left is a small carbon core(still hot) but begins to cool down  Then becomes a white dwarf and then a black dwarf (no longer emits light) Massive Stars  Gravitational force is big  H shell burning starts very soon  Eventually becomes a red supergiant  Supernova:- when the star collapses and produces an extremely large release of energy Supernova explosion:- extremely powerful explosion radiation can outshine a galaxy Type 1: carbon-denotation supernova Type 2: death of a high mass star Leaves remnants - the expanding clouds of material from the explosion The Cycle of Stellar Evolution Form --> Evolve --> Die  Heavy elements are sent into the interstellar medium when
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