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Lecture 22

PHYS 1155 Lecture 22: Kelley, 30454, 4-3

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PHYS 1155
Henry J.Smith

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Physics CAN 20ysy Page No. DATE Mechanical waves occur when elements of a m edium under simple harmonic motion about an equil um point Mechanical waves reguire a collection of massas interact each mass oscillates around eevilibrium point affeeta a Gorm Havels the madum doesn t Condit needed for Mechanica have 3 disturbance elements of medium able to interact one another u, restonng to Ce on the elements of the medium Conditions need for EM waves An acelerating charged particle periodic- haves that repeat their fai Si nusidal- waves des had by sin dal functions Wa s nal-Med um tavels paralle moton Longitud Transverse- madum tavels peredautally to wave ion favelng wave scan take the an wave, Sorm ratains its Shane meani Can Stan have speed
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