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Lower Extremity Artery Overview Arteries • Common Iliac Artery 1. Internal Iliac Artery: supplies Pelvic Floor and Gluteal Region 2. External Iliac Artery: no branches to supply anything, but turns into Femoral Artery after passing under Inguinal Ligament  Inguinal Ligament: runs ASIS to Pubic Tubercle Internal Iliac Artery • Gives off 9 branches that supply Pelvis, Gluteal Region, and Medial Thigh (do not need to know all 9) 1. Obturator Artery: runs through Obturator Foramen with Obturator Nerve o Supplies Medial Thigh and Hip 2. Internal Pudendal Artery: runs through Greater Sciatic Foramen and into Lesser Sciatic Foramen o Supplies Perineum: lower skin portion of External Genitalia 3. Superior Gluteal Artery: exits Greater Sciatic Foramen superior to Piriformis to get to Gluteal Region 4. Inferior Gluteal Artery: exits Greater Sciatic Foramen inferior to Piriformis to get to Gluteal Region Gluteal Arteries • Pass through Greater Sciatic Foramen above or below Piriformis • Superior Gluteal Artery: supplies more Superior portion of Gluteus • Inferior Gluteal Artery: supplies more Inferior/lesser portion of Gluteus o Supplies Cruciate Anastomosis: helps supply Hip Joint Blood Supply • Femoral Artery o Branches after Inguinal Ligament into Deep Femoral Artery (Profunda Femoris Arte
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