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Physical Therapy
PT 5131
L Day

SI and Pelvic Joints Transmitted Force • Pelvis is designed in order to transmit weight from body through our femur to the ground. o As weight is transmitted centrally through vertebral column, it is equally divided across SI Joint and pelvis  It is then transmitted through ilium to femur. • So that weight is transferred down shaft of femur, through tibia, and onto the ground. o Superior and inferior pubic rami act as struts to reinforce the structural integrity of this arch  Problem is line of gravity is towards medial femur • Results in thighs pointing more medially and inferiorly, so our knees end up closer to center of mass o Helps us put weight over our bones • Center of Gravity: located in front of SI joint o Causes pelvis and SI joint to want to roll forward Male vs. Female Pelvic Girdle (more info on page 331 of textbook) Attribute/Structure Male Female General Structure Thick and heavy Thin and light Greater Pelvis (False Deep Shallow Pelvis) Lesser Pelvis (True Pelvis) Narrow and deep, tapering Wide and shallow, cylindrical Pelvic Inlet (Superior Pelvic Heart shaped, narrow Oval and rounded, cylindrical Aperture) Pelvic Outlet (Inferior Comparatively small Comparatively large Pelvic Aperture) Pubic Arch and Subpubic Narrow (< 70 degrees) Wide (> 80 degrees) Angle Obturator Foramen Round Oval Acetabulum Large Small Greater Sciatic Notch Narrow (about 70 degrees); Almost 90 degrees inverted V Lumbosacral Joint • Located between L5 and S1 • Made up of 2 joints: 1. Intervertebral Joint: last IV disc in vertebral column 2. Face Joint: between L5 and S1  Superior-facing S1 facet joint: faces posterior and slightly medial  Inferior L5 facet joint: faces anterior and slightly lateral  Facet joint is more anterior-posterior than medial-lateral • Different than lumbar facets o Important because it helps prevent L5, which naturally wants to slide forward, from translating anteriorly off of S1 • Iliolumbar Ligament: runs form TP L5 to iliac crest o Prevents anterior translation of L5 Sacroiliac Joint • Links axial skeleton to appendicular skeleton • Sits just anterior and slightly inferior to PSIS • Composed of 2 articular surfaces (Auricular Surfaces) 1. Auricular Surface of Ilium 2. Auricular Surface of Sacrum o Actually a smooth surface as a child, and as we develop and grow, the surface becomes more irregular, with depressions and elevations on it.  As a result, it becomes roughened • Important in terms of int
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