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PT 5131
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Thigh Muscles Fascial Compartments Intermuscular Septa • Thigh broken into 3 general compartments: Anterior, Posterior, Medial • IT Tract located on lateral thigh o Extends fascia deep to attach onto Linea Aspera  Fascia known as Lateral Intermuscular Septum: divides anterior compartment from posterior compartment • Medial Intermuscular Septum: Extends from posterior thigh to Linea Aspera o Divides posterior compartment from medial compartment • No septa divides anterior from medial compartment o Sometimes known as Anteromedial Compartment o NAV Bundle is found between the anterior and medial compartments however • Anterior Compartment: innervated by femoral nerve o Contains Quadriceps Femoris group o Flexes the hip o Extends the knee • Posterior Compartment: innervated by sciatic nerve o Contains hamstrings o Flex knee o Extend hip • Medial Compartment: innervated by obturator nerve o Contains adductors o Adducts thigh o Provides some rotation, depending on angle of muscle fibers Quadriceps (4 heads) • Rectus Femoris: o Proximal Attachment: Anterior Inferior Iliac Spine (AIIS) and above superior rim of acetabulum o Extends straight down (why its name is rectus) • Vastus Lateralis: o Proximal Attachment: anterior and inferior to greater trochanter o Runs all the way down lateral lip of Linea Aspera (located on back on thigh) • Vastus Medialis: o Proximal Attachment: intertrochanteric line o Runs all the way down Linea Aspera (located on back of thigh) • Vastus Intermedius: o Proximal Attachment: anterior and lateral surfaces of femur o Deep to Rectus Femoris • All 4 distally attach through patella onto tibial tuberosity, via patellar ligament • All three “vastus” muscles proximally attach on femur, and do not cross hip joint • All 4 muscles cross knee joint • Action: extend knee, superiorly track patella o Rectus Femoris Action: hip flexion • Nerve Innervation: Femoral Nerve (L2-L4) Anterior Compartment • Pectineus o Proximal Attachment: superior pubic ramus o Distal Attachment: pectineal line (just inferior to lesser trochanter of femur) o Action: Adduct and flex thigh; weak internal rotation o Nerve Innervation: Femoral Nerve (L2-L3) • Sartorius o Long and strap-like (Longest muscle in body) o Proximal Attachment: ASIS o Distal Attachment: Pes Anserinus (located on superior medial tibial surface) o Action:  Hip external rotation, flexion, and abduction  Knee flexion o Nerve Innervation: Femoral Nerve (L2-L3) Gracilis • Proximal Attachment: body and inferior pubic ramus • Distal Attachment: Pes Anserinus • Action: o Thigh Adduction o Knee flexion and internal rotation • Nerve Innervation: Obturator Nerve (L2-L3) Adductor Brevis • Proximal Attachment: in
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