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Physical Therapy
PT 5131
L Day

Leg and Foot (Bone Overview) Bones of the Foot • 7 Tarsals • 5 Metatarsals th o Tuberosity of 5 Metatarsal o 2 Sesamoid bones on underside of 1 Metatarsal • 14 Phalanges o Toes 2-5 have 3 parts:  Proximal  Middle  Distal o Big toe only has proximal and distal • Talus o Groove for Flexor Hallucis Longus: located on back of talus o Sustentaculum Tali: small, bony-like projection that sticks out and helps support talus o • Calcaneus: heel bone • Cuneiform o Medial o Intermediate o Lateral • Navicular: articulates with talus o Navicular Tuberosity: attachment site for Tibialis Posterior • Cuboid: articulates with calcaneus o Groove for Peroneus Longus: located on posterior of foot Leg and Foot (Compartments, Nerves, Arteries) Compartments • Interosseus Membrane: connects Tibia and Fibula o Thick membrane that allows for attachment of muscles o Prevents separation of Fibula from Tibia • Anterior Compartment: defined by Tibia, Interosseus Membrane, Fibula, Anterior Intermuscular Septum of Leg o Anterior Intermuscular Septum of Leg: runs from fascia, deep to Fibula o Tight due to bony and fascial constraints  Any inflammation in the compartment will cause Compartment Syndrome o Composed of 4 Muscles:  Extensor Digitorum Longus  Fibularis Tertius  Extensor Hallucis Longus  Tibialis Anterior o Innervated by Deep Peroneal Nerve o Supplied by Anterior Tibial Artery • Lateral Compartment: defined by Posterior Intermuscular Septum, thick outer fascia, Anterior Intermuscular Septum, Fibula o Small, tight compartment o Contains Evertors of foot:  Fibularis Brevis  Fibularis Longus o Innervated by Superficial Fibular Nerve • Posterior Compartment o Largest of the 3 compartments and further broken down into 2 compartments by the Transverse Intermuscular Septum  Deep Posterior Compartment: defined by Transverse Intermuscular Septum, Tibia, Interosseus Membrane, Fibula • Contains 3 Muscles o Flexor Hallucis Longus o Tibialis Posterior o Flexor Digitorum Longus  Superficial Posterior Compartment: Contains 3 Muscles • Gastrocnemius • Soleus • Plantaris o Innervated by Tibial Nerve o Contains Plantarflexors  Some muscles in deep compartment also able to evert the foot and flex big toe Arteries of the Leg • Once past the knee joint, Popliteal Artery divides into 2 arteries o Posterior Tibial Artery: stays within posterior compartment, in deep subcompartment  Travels down behind (posterior to) medial malleolus  Supplies Posterior Compartment  Branches into Fibular Artery: supplies lateral compartment  Upon passing the medial malleolus, it divides into 2 arteries • Medial Plantar Artery • Lateral Plantar Artery o Anterior Tibial Artery: pierces interosseus membrane an
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