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Physical Therapy
PT 5131
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Arches Arches of the Foot • Important in absorbing shock and acting as springboards during locomotion • Resiliency of arches adds to foot’s ability to adapt to changing surfaces as well as shock we encounter during walking • 3 arches in foot o 2 Longitudinal o 1 Transverse • Arches of foot maintained by 5 things (4 strong plantar ligaments and an aponeurosis) o Passive Factors  Shape of bones  Orientation of bones to each other  Strong ligaments and plantar aponeurosis o Dynamic Factors  Tendons traveling from leg • Tibialis Posterior, Tibialis Anterior, Peroneus Longus, Flexor Hallucis Longus  Intrinsic muscles of foot • Arches have 2 pillars that connect to ground and a keystone at the top of the arch o Motion of the keystone will destroy integrity of arches o Arches held in place by strut/tie that will hold one pillar to the other pillar  Pulls the pillars closer together Plantar Ligaments • Long Plantar Ligament o PA: Calcaneus o DA: Cuboid; base 2-4 Metatarsals o Two slips of tendon creates a canal for tendon of Peroneus Longus • Short Plantar Ligament: just medial and slightly deeper to Long Plantar Ligament o PA: Calcaneus o DA: Cuboid o AKA Plantar Calcaneocuboid Ligament • Spring Ligament: Medial and a little up side of foot from Short Plantar Ligament o PA: Sustentaculum Tali of Calcaneus o DA: Navicular (just under Navicular Tuberosity and Tendon of Tibialis Posterior) o AKA Plantar Calcaneonavicular Ligament • Play important role in maintaining bones close to one another and maintaining arches Medial Longitudinal Arch • Includes: Calcaneus, Talus, Navicular, 3 Cuneiforms, Metatarsals 1-3 • Pillars: Calcaneus and 1 Metatarsal • Keystone: Talar Head o Important that Talus stays as high as possible and is supported  Achieved by Spring Ligament (calcaneus  just under navic
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