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PT 5131
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Extrinsic UE Muscles (Superficial Layer) Superficial Layer • Trapezius • Latissimus Dorsi • Teres Major • Deltoid • Rhomboid Major • Rhomboid Minor • Levator Scapula • Supraspinatus • Infraspinatus • Teres Minor • Serratus Anterior • Triceps Brachii o Lateral Head o Long Head o Medial Head Anterior Thoracic Wall • Pectoralis Major • Pectoralis Minor • Deltoid • Trapezius • Latissimus Dorsi • Biceps Brachii o Short Head o Long Head • Pectoral Fascia • Clavipectoral Fascia • Clavipectoral/Deltopectoral Triangle o Borders:  Pectoralis Major  Middle Deltoid  Clavicle • Cephalic Vein Extrinsic UE Muscles (Back) Rhomboids • Rhomboid Major o PA: SP T2-T5 o DA: Medial border of Scapula, between base of Spine and Inferior Angle o N: Dorsal Scapular Nerve (C4, C5) o A: Retract Scapula (pull Vertebral Border closer to SP) o Lower border of Rhomboid Major is palpable, as it makes the floor of the Triangle of Auscultation • Rhomboid Minor o PA: SP C7-T1 o DA: Medial border of Scapula at Root of Scapula o N: Dorsal Scapular Nerve (C4, C5) o A: Retract Scapula (pull Vertebral Border closer to SP)  Medial rotation of Scapula Levator Scapula • PA: TP C1-C4 • DA: Superior Angle of Scapula • N: Dorsal Scapular Nerve (C4, C5) • A: Elevate Scapula (Grabs Superior Angle and pulls it up) o Downward Rotation of Scapula  As you Elevate the Scapula, the Glenoid Fossa points downward Serratus Anterior • PA: Lateral Surfaces of Ribs 1-8 (sometimes 9) • DA: Costal (Anterior) surface of Scapula • Wraps around Ribcage and runs between Ribcage and Scapula before it attaches onto anterior border • N: Long Thoracic Nerve (C5-C7) o Sits on superficial surface of SA  Vulnerable nerve: only thing protecting it is subcutaneous tissue and skin  Damage to this nerve causes Winging of Scapula • A: o Protract Scapula  Slides medial border away from vertebral column o Upward Rotation of Scapula  Lower fibers of SA grab onto surface of Inferior Angle and slide it forward o Stabilize Scapula  Pulls medial border towards ribcage Trapezius • 3 Parts: Upper, Middle, Lower • PA: o (UPPER): Medial Superior Nuchal Line and little bit of Nuchal Ligament o (MIDDLE): Ligamentum Nuchae and Upper Thoracic SP o (LOWER): Lower Thoracic SP • DA: o (UPPER): Lateral third of Clavicle o (MIDDLE): Acromion and Lateral Spine of Scapula o (LOWER): Spine of Scapula • N: Spinal Accessory Nerve (CN 11) o Sensory: C3, C4 • A: o Upper Fibers: Elevate Scapula (shrug shoulders)  Stabilize scapula o Middle Fibers: Retract Scapula o Lower Fibers: Depress Scapula o Upper and Lower Fibers Together: Upward Rotation of Scapula • Triangular Aponeurosis sits between C6-T3 o Indentation visible in people with well-developed Trapezius muscles Latissimus Dorsi • PA: SP T7-Sacrum; Posterior Iliac Crest; Lower 3-4 Ribs; Thoracolumbar Fascia • DA: Floor of Intertubercular Groove o Upper fibers attach onto inferior portion
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