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Physical Therapy
PT 5131
L Day

Brachium, Cubital Fossa (Anterior) Arm Compartments • Anterior o Flexors o Innervated by Musculocutaneous Nerve o Muscles  Biceps Brachii  Brachialis  Coracobrachialis o Vessels (Medial Side)  Brachial Artery  Brachial Vein • Posterior o Extensors o Innervated by Radial Nerve o Muscles  Triceps Brachii  Anconeus • Separated by Intermuscular Septums o Medial and Lateral Biceps Brachii • PA: o Long Head: Supraglenoid Tubercle (Superior Glenoid Rim on Labrum o Short Head: Coracoid Process of Scapula • DA: Radial Tuberosity and Fascia of Forearm via Bicipital Aponeurosis (Lacertus Fibrosus) • N: Musculocutaneous Nerve (C5-C7) • A: Flex Arm/Elbow (long head) o Supinate and Bend Elbow o At 90° of Flexion  If Forearm is Pronated: Biceps Brachii will be a Supinator  If Forearm is Supinated: Biceps Brachii will be a Flexor o Long Head helps prevent Anterior and Inferior Translation of Humeral Head  Helps stabilize Glenohumeral Joint  Explains why some people who have a very rounded shoulder, and their Humerus is trying to move Anteriorly, that their Long Head Biceps Brachii Tendon becomes inflamed. • Transverse Humeral Ligament: holds Biceps Brachii in place near Head of Humerus Bicipital Radial Bursa • Surrounds distal tendon of Biceps Brachii • Prevents Biceps Brachii Tendon from rubbing up against Head of Radius • Supinated (Palm Up) o Biceps Tendon attaches onto Radial Tuberosity and Bursa is pretty clear • Pronated (Palm Down) o Radial Tuberosity moves closer to back o Bicipital Radial Bursa can potentially become pinched  If Bursa was already inflamed, Pronation of Arm could be painful Brachialis • PA: Anterior Lower Surface of Humerus • DA: Coronoid Process
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