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Physical Therapy
PT 5131
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Elbow Joint Elbow Joint • Relatively stable joint • 2 Primary Motions o Flexion/Extension o Supination/Pronation • 2 joints associated with Elbow o Humeroulnar Joint: concave Ulna on Convex Humerus  Modified Hinge Joint • Allows for Flexion/Extension and slight Abduction/Adduction o Humeroradial Joint: concave Fovea on Radius and Convex Capitulum on Humerus  Do not touch in extension, allowing for better Flexion/Extension of Elbow  Radius spins on Capitulum during Supination/Pronation • 1 joint near Elbow o Proximal Radioulnar Joint: Head of Radius and Radial Notch on Ulna  Pivot Joint: Supination/Pronation • 1 joint near Wrist o Distal Radioulnar Joint: talk more about when we get to wrist joint Kinesiology of Elbow • Cubital Valgus: “carrying angle” o Males = 10° - 15° o Females = >15° o Measured between Humerus and Forearm o Excessive Valgus: over 15°  Look like arm is more Abducted o Excessive Varus: less than 10°  Look like arm is more Adducted o Asymmetry of Trochlea causes the Ulnar to deviate laterally, resulting in the Cubital Valgus  Medial Lip of Trochlea is longer than Lateral Lip • Flexion -5° to 145° o Axis occurs on Trochlea/Lateral Epicondyle  Anything in front of Lateral Epicondyle will flex Elbow  Anything behind Lateral Epicondyle will extend Elbow • Full Extension requires posterior capsule, extensor muscles, extensor ligaments, and Ulnar Nerve to be stretched • Full Flexion requires anterior capsule, flexor muscles, and flexor ligaments to be stretched, o Any bone formation growing on Olecranon Fossa or tip of Olecranon Process will decrease amount of Flexion/Extension 4 Things Provide Stability 1. Joint Capsule: weak anteriorly and posteriorly 2. MCL and LCL Ligaments: reinforce capsule on side 3. Articular Surface • Olecranon Pro
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