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Overview of Brachial Plexus and Small Nerve Branches Brachial Plexus • “Rules of 5” o 5 Spinal Nerve Root Contributions 1. C5 2. C6 3. C7 4. C8 5. T1  All emerge between Anterior and Middle Scalenes as they come out of Intervertebral Foramen of Vertebral Column o 5 Segments of Brachial Plexus (Real Therapists Drink Cold Beer) 1. Roots 2. Trunks 3. Divisions 4. Cords 5. Terminal Branches  Supraclavicular: Roots and Trunks • Occur before Clavicle  Retroclavicular: Divisions • Occur behind Clavicle  Infraclavicular: Cords and Branches • Occur after Clavicle  Cords: surround Axillary Artery o 5 Major Terminal Branches of Brachial Plexus 1. Musculocutaneous Nerve (C5 – C7) • Supplies Anterior Brachium and some skin on lateral portion of Forearm 2. Axillary Nerve (C5, C6) • Supplies Deltoid and Teres Minor and patch of skin over Deltoid on shoulder 3. Radial Nerve (C5 – T1) • Supplies posterior Brachium and portions of posterior Forearm 4. Median Nerve (C6 – T1) • Supplies muscles of anterior Antebrachium and Hand and skin over lateral Palm 5. Ulnar Nerve (C7 – T1) • Supplies muscles of anterior Antebrachium and Hand and skin on anterior and posterior side of medial Palm Branches off of the Brachial Plexus • Off of Roots o Dorsal Scapular Nerve (C4, C5): innervates Rhomboids and Levator Scapula o Long Thoracic Nerve (C5 – C7): innervates Serratus Anterior • Off of Trunks o Suprascapular Nerve (C5, C6): innervates Supraspinatus and Infraspinatus  Comes off of Superior Trunk of Brachial Plexus • Off of Cords o Off of Lateral Cord  Lateral Pectoral Nerve (C5 – C7): innervates Pectoralis Major o Off of Posterior Cord  Lower Subscapular Nerve (C5, C6): innervates Subscapularis and Teres Major  Upper Subscapular Nerve (C5 – C7): innervates Subscapularis  Thoracodorsal Nerve (C6 – C8): innervates Latissimus Dorsi • In
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