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PSYC 3400
William Sharp

Theories of Personality: Chapter 4 Person as Processor Pribram, Pinker, Mischel, Bandura Cognitive Science Person as processor: Personality emerges from mind.  Sometimes after a brain injury, personality traits emerge/are enhanced Cognitive Psychology  Different from animals in that only humans can process language  Ex: you can train a monkey to drive a car but the monkey will stay if the traffic light indicates so. However humans will not follow blindly and associate what a red light means/can explain things Computers The mind is like a wet computer Human mind is far superior in decision making Karl Pribam Quote Professor might notice something another might not Holographic idea: not real but mainly about how light is being played/brain is processing can create a new hologram Vision is Holographic: we may see a square but brain is interpreting square As far as we know, there is no limit to memory Brain seems to be limitless Fee
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