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Physical Development in Infancy

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PSYC 3404
Christina Cipriano

Newborns are born with 100-200 billion neurons, but few connections. Connections develop in first two years. Synaptic Pruning: Unused neurons are eliminated, allows for building of more elaborate connections. Myelin: Made of lipids, coats neural connections Shaken Baby Syndrome: Shaking can lead to brain rotation within skull, blood vessels can tear, causing severe medical problems. Plasticity: We are neurologically malleable. The degree to which a developing structure is modifiable by way of experience. Life Cycle during Infancy: Wake. Sleep. Eat. Poop. Sleep for Infants: ~16-17 hours of sleep per day, usually in 2 hour increments. Cyclic pattern... while sleeping babies will experience Irregular heart rate, High blood pressure, Rapid breathing. By about 16 weeks, should be sleeping in 6 hour increments. By 1 year, should sleep through the night. Co-sleeping with mother? Do babies dream? SIDS: Leading cause of death among infants, affects 1 in 1000 infants. Occurs when normal pattern of sleep is disrupted. More likely in.... Boys, African Americans, Low Birth-Weight babies, Low APGAR Score Babies, Smoking mother, Some brain defects, Child abuse. Babies should sleep on back ('back to sleep'), do not swaddle. Typically occurs within 6 months. Milestones of a Typically Developing Infant: Lifting arms and legs, moving (backw
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