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Lecture 2

Drugs & Society Lecture 2 Notes (1.15.14)

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Northeastern University
SOCL 1295
Lisa Ferruccio

Lecture 2 1/15/14 11:48 AM Howard Becker (1953) Argument: Experiencing the positive effects of marijuana must be learned Earlier theory: Individual psychological traits are what differentiate marijuana users from nonusers. This is based on the premise that a given kind of behavior in an individual can best be explained as the result of some trait which predisposed or motivates them to engage in a behavior (i.e. addictive personality, shyness, rebellious, etc.) Becker’s theory: He doesn’t identify the traits that cause the behavior, instead the problem becomes one of describing the set of changes in a person’s conception of the activity and of the experience it provides them -Will legalizing marijuana make people feel more comfortable talking about it, and do we even want that?? Takeaways: -using marijuana for pleasure -drug use as a social process -motivations for drug use do not precede the act -one can use marijuana for pleasure only after going through a learning process Michael Hallstone (2001) -replicated Becker’s study -some respondents learned from experiences users, but others learned through observation or media exposure (youtube and google!) -majority of respondents (68%) did get high the first time -majority of respondents (94%) did experience first time as pleasurable -explanations: change in deviant status, better technologies and quality of marijuana, early exposure to others smoking and media images of “how it feels” Moral Panic/Drug Scare: an intense, widespread, explosively upsurging feeling on the part of the public that something is terribly wrong with society because of the moral failure of a specific group of individuals, a subpopulation that has been defined as the enemy -new drug = medical sensationalism ▯ criminalization Bath salts video: PSA by the Navy, warning sailors to stay away from bath salts. Bath salts are a synthetic drug that is snorted. Symptoms include hallucinations and violence. AMA (American Medical Association) Banning Marketing of Energy Drinks to Kids -Stimulant drinks have surged in popularity in recent years, especially among high school and college students, and health advocates are concerned about the use of these drinks among adolescents due to excessive amounts of caffeine. The FDA is cont
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