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Lecture 7

Drugs & Society Lecture 7 Notes (2.7.14)

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SOCL 1295
Lisa Ferruccio

Lecture 7 1/15/14 11:48 AM General Notes: *Quiz Study Guide will be passed out today *Wednesday will be a quiz review **Friday: Bring a news article related to D&S to the quiz for an extra participation point! LEGAL DRUGS Trends in Smoking: -Adult smokers have decreased steadily since 1965 (started at 45%, now at ~20%) -Student smokers peaked in late 90s, now decreasing (started at -29% of people below poverty level smoke, 18% at or above poverty level -Smoking can be conceived of as a male activity (22% compared to 17%) -In no country are there more female smokers, but the gap is closing -Why? • Men= $ • Gender bias with stigma • Pregnant/motherhood • Health conscious • Men▯ more stress?? How is gender ideology produced? In what ways are ideas about masculinity and femininity constructed and why? • Smoking reflects and reproduces conventional ideas about women and female gender roles 1. Gender roles are portrayed/reflected through smoking: • Big tobacco uses gender norms as a marketing tool to sell smoking 2. Gender roles are constructed/reproduced through smoking: • If women are kicked out of college for smoking cigarettes… • Big tobacco plays on contemporary notions of femininity to sell cigarettes? The Marlboro Man A look at the advertisements: -Manual labor -Strong -American -No feminine colors or aspects -Hard work = deserves a cigarette break Tobacco Ads for Women: Mild -Who is the Marlboro Woman? • “Ivory tips protect the lips” • Upper class, white, sexy,
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