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Lecture 14

Drugs & Society Lecture 14 Notes (3.21.14)

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Northeastern University
SOCL 1295
Lisa Ferruccio

Lecture 14 1/15/14 11:48 AM 2 Myths 1) The myth of market centralization • The drug trade is highly organized and has many characteristics of a capitalist organization… • But, the drug trade is quite decentralized o There is no global or national drug boss o Nor is he being protected by corrupt police and politicians • Different traffickers operate in hundreds on independent enterprises 2) The myth of the drug trade as pure economic liability • The money spent on illicit substances contributes to the economy in exactly the same way that legal products do o Jobs, profits • For example, in Columbia the cocaine trade is as profitable as the coffee business o Imagine if the coffee trade was wiped out overnight…consequence?? 3 Models of Trafficking Agricultural Model: • Involves harvesting a product that requires little work; consumed as grown; marijuana Pure Chemical Model: • Completely synthetic substance that does not have its origin as an agricultural product; developed exclusively in the lab; requires a manufacturer with technical expertise to turn chemical into finished product; ecstasy, LSD, meth, club drugs Mixed Model: • Substance begins as an agricultural product whose psychoactive agent is then synthesized from the plant or converted into a chemical; heroin, cocaine Trafficking Overview Cocaine: most coca cultivation takes place in Columbia, Bolivia, or Peru. Mexican criminal organizations are responsible for importation and distribution in the U.S. Hallucinogens: Most LSD in the U.S. is manufactured in labs in northern California. MDMA originates primarily from Europe and is trafficked into the
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