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Lecture 18

Drugs & Society Lecture 18 Notes (4.9.14)

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SOCL 1295
Lisa Ferruccio

Lecture 18 1/15/14 11:48 AM Friday: Last class, RD class discussion- bring a discussion question on an index card (include name for last participation point!) Drug Treatment Modalities Four principal types of drug treatment programs, or treatment modalities, currently prevail in the U.S.: 1. Methadone Maintenance 2. Therapeutic Community (or TC) 3. Outpatient, drug-free programs 4. Self-help peer groups, such as AA and NA (narcotics anonymous) 1. Methadone Maintenance = a program of maintaining narcotic, mainly heroin, addicts on a narcotic drug (methadone), which reduces their craving for, and makes it difficult to become high on, recreational doses of narcotics • Addiction is seen as a disease rather than psychological disorder— drug leaves its imprint on the nervous system Critics of methadone maintenance argue that one drug is being substituted for another • However, the rationale behind methadone maintenance is to stabilize the patient on a less debilitating drug and make counseling and other treatment services available While few methadone maintenance patients have remained drug free after treatment, those who remain on methadone have highly favorable outcomes in terms of employment and no arrests How do we measure success in a treatment program? • Completely off drugs? • Functioning member of society? Methadonia (Documentary, 2005) Director: Michel Negroponte -Chronicles addicts on methadone treatment -Criticized for only presenting the negative aspect of methadone treatment Methadone treatment Positives: • No injection= lower health risks, drink liquid methadone • “Cheaper”▯ reduces crime, not stealing • Therapy options • Motivational (jobs, dentist) • Regulated • Can’t get high on hero
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