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Supply Chain Management
SCHM 2301
Omar Elwakil

ERP A central database to store all enterprisewide information1 Records every business transaction across all functional areas within acompany2 Records information in a common data format3 Provides a single near realtime view of the companys resources andcommitments to customers4 Automates and links all enterprisewide basic business processesSoftware systems that provide this functionality are referred to as Enterprise Resource Planning ERP systems Functional areas of ERP1 Finance Resource Management 2 Supply Chain Management3 Manufacturing Resource Planning4 Human Resources Management5 Customer Relationship ManagementThe advantages of ERP systems Operational Strategic ERP systems are not without downsidesDisadvantagesHidden Costs1990s ERP Systems A complex software system that ties together and automates all enterprisewide basic business processesfrom taking orders and processing requisitions to monitoring inventory levels to financial accounting and human resource managementRecords every business transaction in an enterprise wide data format and updates the right connected systems to reflect each transactionScope of ERP Applications Finance Production and Logistics Sales and Marketing Human Resources Customized SoftwareSpecial addon modules that link to standard modulesSpecial decision support functions eg Oracle ASCP Data IntegrationCentral Data WarehouseUsers may access and analyze data without burden on operational ERP systemERP Major AdvantagesIntegrates financial informationIntegrates customer order informationEnables companies to keep track of orders and coordinate manufacturing inventory and shipping among multiple locationsStandardizes and speeds up manufacturing process
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