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Northeastern University
Supply Chain Management
SCHM 2301
Omar Elwakil

Material requirements Planning MRPA system developed to help manufacturing organizations plan the requirements for dependent demand items It does so through the proper timing of order placement and thus is also known as timephased requirements planning Designed to Release production and purchase orders to regulate the flow of raw materials and inprocess inventories necessary to meet the production schedules for finished goods Ensure the availability of materials components and products for planned production and customer delivery Maintain minimum levels of dependent demand itemsMaster Production Schedule MPS Outlines the production plan for all end items it expresses how much of each item is planned and when it is wanted This end item output is developed from end item forecasts and customer orders The MRP takes the MPS and translates it into individual timephased component requirements The time period used for planning is called a time bucket The entire time period covered by the MPS is the planning horizon and must be at least as long as the longest leadtime path in the overall assembly of the product called the cumulative lead timeBill of Materials BOMA detailed description of an end item along with a list of all its raw materials parts and subassemblies T
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