ART HIST 250 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Guillaume Du Fay, Ghent Altarpiece, Jan Van Eyck

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Guillaume Dufay, Nuper resarum flores, Motet written to celebrate the consecration of
the Florence Cathedral (song)
Medici made their money as bankers to the pope
Northern Renaissance Art:
Sumptuous devotions and celebrated emotions
Ghent altarpiece
Link in powerpoint to see higher resolution zooming
Rober Campin/ Master of Flémalle, Mérode Altarpiece, oil on panel 1425
People in the Netherlands commissioned pieces for private devotional use
Patrons on the left
Movable object: would open to display or pray in front of it. Doors called wings
Triptych: consists of three panels
Diptych: consists of two panels
Polyptych: consists of many panels
Often outside panels are also painted. New forms of emotion and devotion present +
Emergence of individual artists who would personally be sought after
Jan van Eyck:
Man in a Red Turban
Heronymus Bosch:
Garden of Earthly Delights
Triptych, Oil on wood, 1505-1510
Was not a reject/ very celebrated for his time
Philip the Bold:
Duke of Burgundy (1342-1404)
Duchy of Burgundy was in between the Holy Roman Empire and France
Champmol and Franciscan monastary
Both had Frescos in every living cell
Painted not in Fresco for Northern regions
Monks recognized images painted/ worshipped them
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