ART HIST 250 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Immaculate Conception, Dentition, Vanishing Point

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*Important Figures to Know
· Michelangelo
o We see first time religious figures who don't wear halos
· Pop Julius II - Warrior Pope (1503-1513)
· Patron of arts - Sistine Chapel
· Duke of Milan - Leonardo's first patron
· Leonardo da Vinci, Cross-section of the head, showing the ventricles of the brain and
o Onion as a visual metaphor for this
· Vitruvius, the architect, says that buildings, like humans, should follow canon of
o Leonardo copies these notes from Vitruvius and uses them - we see them in his most
famous drawing
o Man of ideal proportions fits in a circle and a square (geometry and harmony)
· Leonardo did several anatomical dissections
o Bilateral cutaway of skill
o Leonardo was first to create a correct dental formula
o Muscle and skeleton drawings
o Fetus in the womb - this drawing not particularly accurate
· Leonardo da Vinci, Madonna of the Rocks, 1483, oil on wood transferred to canvas
o Painted for Duke of Milan (likely no accepted by the Duke - reason unknown, but came into
possession of French court)
o Second version created also for Duke and stayed in his collection
o Depicted: Christ being presented to John the Baptist (both babies)
o Virgin (and other figures) does not wear halo and is not enthroned
· Leonardo enthrones her with the Earth itself - she is clearly the dominant
figure here
· Raphael, Madonna in the Meadow, 1505-1506, oil on wood
o Seems to be as much a picture of babies playing as a foreshadowing of Christ's fate
(playing with a cross)
o Note: Pyramid structure of the figures with Virgin at the top
· Leonardo Da Vinci, Cartoon for Madonna and Child with Saint Anne and the Infant
Saint John, 1505-1507, charcoal
o Combines Virgin, and her mother, Saint Anne - rather unusual
o Saint Anne became a significant figure in religious devotion
o Immaculate conception - conception without stain
· Was the Virgin conceived in the same way?
· Leonardo da Vinci, Virgin and Child with St. Anne, oil on wood, 1503
o More transition of hues than geometric figures - soft edges
· Michelangelo, Pieta, 1498-1500, marble
o Particularly challenging sculpture - very graceful
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