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Lecture 1

ART HIST 250 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Gerhard Richter, Quattrocento, Masaccio

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Art History
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Claudia Swan

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Format of midterm is online
Next Wednesday starting at 12:45
Midterm Study powerpoint posted by noon tomorrow
Know media and date, do not need to know where it is right now
Everything specified in review powerpoint
11:59 pm, Feb 4 is when new assignment is due now
Became a thing to make a portrait of your eye and give or recieve to ones lover
Eye medallions: eye portraits
Concept of cognitive style: the manor in which you think, the ways in which you were educated
to think about certain subjects
Pictorial style: way in which pictures are structured and made
- Gerhard Richter, famous contemporary German artist: stripes
- Different eras have different period eyes
Every human being has experienced the parallel convergence of lines on the distant horizon
into a vanishing pointgm
Baptistery is next to cathedral
I once was what now you are and what I am, you shall yet to be. - shown by Holy Trinity picture
Look up rule of 3
Masaccio, Tribute to money. Florence Italy ca. 1427
Peter shown 3 times in the same scene
Building added to add perspective
Masaccio, Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Eden. Florence Italy ca. 1424-1427
Full sized, fully nude as they were expelled
Adam does not cover himself: not afraid to be seen nude
Adam covers his eyes since too ashamed to be seen
Profound gender difference
Eve expresses a shame at being seen.
Painters of the Quattrocento were religious painters.
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