ART HIST 250 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Lorenzo Ghiberti, Andrea Pisano, Filippo Brunelleschi

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God the Geometer
God creating the earth with geometry
The invention of geometry/ perspective comes from Tuscany: Florence
Making a name at the Baptistery: Brunelleschi & Ghiberti, Perspective
- Birthplace of perspective: original experiment concerning perspective: Paradiso
Baptistery dedicated to Saint John the baptist. Doors are replicas as actual ones are in a
- Doors were called the gates of paradise by Michelangelo. Not because they depicted
paradise, but were so beautiful that could be the gates of paradise
- Inside is from medieval time with mosaic put in around 12th century. Reminder of the
layering of artwork in combination with Byzantine influence
- Doors were first made by Andrea Pisano (on the south portal) made in 1330-1336. Each
door has 14 panels.
- 20 top panels depict scenes of saint john the baptist
- Jesus and John the Baptist essentially grew up together
- Gilded bronze used throughout
- Artist will touch object to polish/gild it but not necessarily to carve it
- Do not come together in any narrative sense: all describe different moments
- We are trained to decode pictures by visual conventions (from baxendale text)
- Artificial framework around each figure
- Inscription above door: “Andreas Pisano made me in 1330”
- Was odd for an artist to put something like that
- Single individual takes credit for the work of many
Filippo Brunelleschi
- Sacrifice of Isaac
Lorenzo Ghiberti
- Sacrifice of Isaac
- First Christian nude of the Renaissance
- Took Ghiberti 21 years to complete the doors
- Artist would sometimes work simultaneously but the design and production was
incredibly time consuming. 7*4 door
- Secured a commision for the gates of paradise
- Other doors contained only 10 panels instead of 28
- Simpler doors (modern copy) have a continuous design across the lecture.
- Pictorial illusionism; perspective; relief
- Various moments from different perspectives
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