ART HIST 250 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Buon Fresco, Filippo Brunelleschi, Vanishing Point

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Cathedral in Florence: designed to hold all citizens of florence (100,000) at the time but
could hold up to 30,000
Giotto Fresco- buon fresco (made when wet) lamentation
Baptistery of San Giovanni, Florence, Italy. East facade: represented the city of the flag
of the district of San Giovanni in Florence.
Brunelleschi’s two lost panels “were surely the most influential artworks produced
during the entire Italian Reanaissance”
On Earth can only see mirrored image. Save real images for heaven.
Brunelleschi is playing on medieval ideology
Panel from gates of paradise
Isaac (son of Abraham) and his son going to perform sacrifice but saved at last
moment. Jacob was first born son so they took Isaac instead.
Isaac is giving his son Esau his blessing but must go hunting first. (Isaac was
blind at this point) In meantime, his brother Jacob tried to trick Isaac to get the
Tiles on floor are orthogonals/ he worked with multiple vanishing points
Masaccio’s Holy trinity
Holes in ceiling going down to vanishing point
Jesus, then God behind him, and a dove as the Holy Spirit around collar of God
Left side is Mary depicted in older age
Right is most likely John the baptist
Eye line of viewer makes up vanishing point
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