NEUR 2500 Lecture 4: SET 4

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Behavioral Neuroscience
NEUR 2500

SET 4 Define membrane potential (Vm) The voltage across the neuronal membrane at any moment in time sodium equilibrium potential (ENa) The steady equilibrium potential achieved when the membrane is permeable only to sodium ions. The value of ENa is 62 mV What changes during the course of action potential? The membrane potential or the sodium equilibrium potential? Only the membrane potential changes during and action potential. During the resting state, is the neuronal membrane permeable to sodium? no Briefly explain what happens during an action potential Na channels open and Na rushes into the cell large sodium current takes the membrane potential from negative towards ENa sodium channels are deactivated after 1 msec and the membrane repolarizes due to the potassium efflux, which takes the membrane potential back toward the equilibrium of potassium. which ions carry the early inward and the late outward currents during an action potential? During the early part of the action potential, the influx of sodium ions across the membrane briefly depolarizes the membrane. These voltage gated sodium channels close after 1 msec Membrane repolarization is the result of potassium efflux, which is the outward current because of the opening of potassium voltage gated channels after 1msec delay. Why is the action potential reffered to as all or none? No partial action potential exist
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