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Lecture 10

BIOL 3600 Lecture 10: SET 10

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BIOL 3600
Smith Robert

SET 10 Hersey and chase expriement allowed researches to distinguish between DNA and protein as candidates for phage T2s generica material. Just as a test of your understanding of the experiment, imagine what the results would have been if the genetic material had been the protein? They would have found 65S label inside the bacteria after treatment with the blender. Remember, Herhsey and Chase tagged the phosphorus, which is only in DNA, and sulfur which is only in protein. If the protein had been the genetic material passed on, the sulfur would have been INSIDe the bacteria after the bacteria took on the DNA. FraenkelConrat and Singer demonstrated ___ to be the genetic material of the tobacco mosaic virus (TMV). RNA FraenkelConrat and Singer separated protein and RNA fractions of two strains of TMV and reconsituted hybrid viruses, with the RNA of one strain and protein of another strain. When they were applied to tobacco plants, each hybrid virus produced the lasions characteristic of the virus that had donated the RNA part of the hybrid. Progny from the lesions had complete viruses (protein AND RNA) from the virus that donated the RNA. Watson and Crick discovered the structure of the DNA molecule to be a double helix sugars and phosphate groups alternate to form the backbone of each helix The nitrogenous bases in DNA and RNA are single ring pyrimidines and double ring purines Avery, McCleod and McCarthy showed what to be the transforming principle? DNA Why did Avery, McCleod and McCarthy decide that DNA was the transforming principle?
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