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Lecture 2

CHEM 1150 Lecture 2: NOTES SET 2

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Nova Southeastern University
CHEM 1150

NOTES SET 2 Atom= the basic structural unit of an element. Nucleus= small, dense, positively charged region in the center of the atom. Atomic Number= the number of protons in the atom. Mass Number= sum of the number of protons and neutrons. number of neutrons= mass number number of protons Electrons negative charge mass= 5.4 x 10(4) AMU Protons positive charge mass= 1.00 AMU Neutrons Neutral charge Mass= 1.00 AMU Isotopes= atoms of the same element having different masses. contains same number of protons different number of neutrons. Atomic Mass= the weighted avg. of the masses all the isotopes that make up the element. Steps in achieving Atomic Mass 1. Convert the percentage into a decimal. 2. multiply the decimal fraction by the mass of the isotope to obtain the isotope contribution to the atomic mass. 3. sum these partial weights to get the weighted avg. atomic mass of element. Daltons Atomic Theory= the first experimentally based theory of atomic structure of the atom. Not 100 true True: All Matter consists of tiny particles called atoms. False due to radioactivity: An Atom cannot be created, divided, destroyed, or converted to any other type of atom. False because isotopes are different: Atoms of a particular element have identical properties. True: Atoms of different elements have different properties. True: Atoms of different elements combine in simple wholenumber ratios to produce compounds. True: Chemical change involves joining, separating, or rearranging atoms. Crookes= Started the experiment with the Cathode Ray Tube. Thompson= Finished Crookes experiment with the Cathode Ray Tube but discovered the electron. Cathode ray tube travels from _____ to ______ energy negative to positive Goldstein= discovered the proton Chadwick= Discovered the neutron
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