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Lecture 10

CHEM 1150 Lecture 10: NOTES SET 10

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CHEM 1150

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NOTES SET 10 Valence shell electron pair repulsion (VSEPR) Electron groups repel one another through coulombic forces Electron groups Single electrons, lone pairs, single bonds, andor multiple bonds Linear geometry 3 atoms; 180* bond angle Trigonal planar geometry 4 atoms; 120* bond angle in a plane Tetrahedral geometry 5 atoms; 109.5* bond angles Trigonal bipyramidal geometry 6 atoms; three 120 angles and two 90 angles Octahedral geometry 7 atoms; 90* bond angles Electron geometry Arrangement of electron groups Molecular geometry Arrangement of atoms Trigonal pyramidal 4 atoms; 107* bond angles Bent 3 atoms; 104.5* bond angle Seesaw Irregular tetrahedral; equatorial lone pair; 5 atoms Tshaped 4 atoms; 2 lone pairs Square pyramidal 6 atoms; 1 lone pair Square planar 5 atoms on a plane; 2 lone pairs Valence bond theory Electrons remain within quantum mechanical orbitals on individual atoms Pi bond Side by side overlapping p orbitals Sigma bond End to end overlapping orbitals Bond order ( of bonding electrons of antibonding electrons) 2 BownstedLowry acid donates H+ BownstedLowry base accepts H+
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