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Lecture 1

CHEM 1150 Lecture 1: NOTES SET 1

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CHEM 1150

NOTES SET 1 Experiment= an observation of natural phenomena, carried out in a controlled manner so that the results can be duplicated and rational conclusions obtained Law= a concise statement or mathematical equation about a fundamental relationship or regularity of nature and is extremely well tested must be a theory before it becomes a law Hypothesis= tentative explanation of some regularity of nature after basic experimentation is done Theory= well tested explanation of basic natural phenomena after the original hypothesis as successfully passed many tests Scientific Method Experiments Results Hypothesis Further experimentation Form a new hypothesis is there are negative results Support the hypothesis if there are positive results Theory after the results are consistent after multiple experiments Further experimentation until it becomes a law Matter= whatever occupies space and can be perceived by our senses Law of conservation of mass= Total mass remains constant during a chemical reaction By Antoine Lavoisier Antoine Lavoisier Insisted on the use of balance in chemical research Demonstrated the Law of Conservation of Mass Wrote the book Traite Elementaire de Chimie, which was very influential to modern chemistry Weight= force of gravity exerted on an object Weight varies depending on where the object is Measures in Newtons (N) Mass= quantity of matter in an object Mass stays consistent no matter where the object is Measured in grams (g) and kilograms (kg) Physical state= solid, liquid, gas (states of matter) Chemical state= element, compound, mixture Solid Rigid Incompressible Fixed volume Fixed shape
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