CM-UY 1004 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Atomic Radius, Effective Nuclear Charge, Metallicity

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20 Sep 2016

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Metallic character is the metallicity of an element. It essentially describes how much of a metal an element really is. Remember, the properties of a metal are as follows:- conductive towards heat & electricity- ductility. Malleabilitythe more metallic character an element has, the more metallic properties it displays (couldn"t be more obvious?) The atomic radius is literally how big an atom is. There are several rules to follow in order to determine the pattern of the atomic radius, all of which can be observed in the table. As the group progresses downwards, the atomic radius increases. There is something called the shielding effect; that means, the more shells there are in an atom, the larger it is. This also makes sense, since the more electron shells you have, the larger the atom would be. For the periods, as it progresses, the atomic radius decreases. The effective nuclear charge increases as the period progresses because there are more valence electrons.