CM-UY 1004 Lecture 3: Measurements:SigFigs

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20 Sep 2016

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In chemistry, measuring properly and calculating the right way is the difference between a well-done experiment and a poorly-conducted disaster. Therefore, there are a certain list of guidelines to follow: When we measure liquids, they tend to stick to the sides of the equipment. This could affect our measuring if we don"t read the meniscus instead of the trough. By that, you have to measure the inner curve of the liquid you measure. There is a very low probability that you will ever encounter b, but for such liquids (like mercury), you do essentially the same thing. Make sure you line up the bar with the liquid"s curve. Metric conversion have a base unit & a prefix. The base unit represents a standard which metric units spring from. To properly convert between metric units, you have first convert your value from the original unit to the base unit, then to the desired one.