CAMS UA 101- Learning Disorders

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Child/Adoles Mental Hlth Stds
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Jess Shatkin

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when an individuals achievement is below that expected for age schooling intelligence2 std devs belowdemoralization low self esteem poor social skills commonoverlap with Axis 1 disorders210 5 of american childrenleft hemisphere languagespeechlinear sequential timeorientedanalysis detailsreading writing understanding speaking verbalright hemisphere complex nonverbal materialvisual tactile spatial musicalholistic simultaneous processingsynthesis and closureposterior processing infooccipital vision parietal tactile temporalauditoryanterior executing behaviorfrontal attention arousal motor outputBroca motor expression of speechWernicke understanding of speechfunctions of brain work together to form language comprehension and expressiondiagn
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