CAMS UA 101- Substance Use Disorders

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Child/Adoles Mental Hlth Stds
Jess Shatkin

addiction a cluster of cognitive behavioral and physiologic signs that indicate compulsive use of a substance and inability to control intake despite negative consequencesdependence upon cessation of drug an individual experiences pathological signs and symptomstolerance requiring a markedly increased dose of the substance to achieve the desired effect or a markedly reduced effect when the usual dose is consumedwithdrawal a drug specific syndrome that occurs when blood or tissue concentrations of a substance decline in someone who had maintained prolonged heavy useassociation with high risk sexual behavior rape STDs unintended pregnancy short and long term problems motor vehicle accidents suicide homicidetobacco alcohol illicit drug use all top preventable causes of death1020 of population will have an addiction10 with substance dependence commit suicide usually with mood disorder9 adolescents need treatment for substance abusethe earlier you stet the more likely it is to persist into later lifeLGBT youth report more SUDS than heterosexual youthmore kids use drugs in large metropolitan areas89 of population 12 are illicit drug usersmarijuana most commonly used illicit drugalso cocainecrack hallucinogensecstasy heroin psychotherapeutic drugsDo higher drinking ages work vast majority of european countries have higher intoxication and binge drinking among adolescents than the USstrong relationship between age of first drug use and drug abusedependencestrongest predictor of drug use is prior drug useif risk factors discovered and treated early and drug initiation delayed adolescent SUDS can be prevented1 in 7 americans drove under the influence of alcohol in the past yearmales more likely than females to drive after drinkingmarijuana usemarijuana the most widely used illicit drug usually the first illicit drug usedmost common gateway to marijuana both cigarettes and alcoholaddictive spectrum highest percent who try a drug and become dependent is nicotinetobacco rates are decliningprescription drugs second most abused illicit drugable to get them easily and for freepainkillers sedativehypnotics stimulants for ADHD cough medicines1015 percent of movies portray drug use or have drug contentfilms principally devoted to drugs 1275 of the top 25 movies contain tobacco use47 of g rated animated films portray alcohol use 43 portray tobacco use13 songs contains explicit references to drugalcohol usedopamine a neurotransmitter that helps to regulate motivation of behaviors necessary for survivaldrug use increases dopamine in the limbic circuit nucleus accumbensPositron Emission Tomography PETscans derive physiological images based upon the detection of radiation from the emission of positronsshort halflife radioactive chemicals are injected into the person which naturally and rapidly degrade and images are taken showing hot and cold spots which indicate physiologic activityDopamine D2 receptors decrease in cocaine addiction
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